New Life… New Beginnings…

Never in my entire life I have imagined that I’ll be living in a foreign, non-English speaking country. It was a 360 degree turnaround for me. There I was, a banker for 13 years with career just starting to soar and now, a full-time housewife struggling to manage a household, taking care of two kids aged 3 and 5 and doing chores I haven’t been doing for years! I had to leave everything and everyone back home and lead a new life. STRUGGLE… a strong word indeed! But it really is for me since I had everything every working mom and wife could have wanted back home. A house-help, a nanny and parents who make sure that everything’s in order at home. This time, it is only me. Of course hubby is helping me but most of the time he’s at work and I’m left alone with the kids. Now you might ask, why is it a struggle? First, I’m not sure I dreamed of being a housewife ‘coz for one I’m not a home buddy. I get bored just staying at home. I love strolling until my ankle hurts, going to malls even just to window shop. Second, I can’t cook. Uhm.. yes I can but only the basics, frying and cooking rice! I can’t even perfect adobo! I can wash clothes. But I usually get fever after doing it manually. Good thing our washing machine here is automatic. You’ll just hang the clothes after the time’s up. I can iron clothes too! My dad taught me when i was in highschool. He was so meticulous and I think maybe that’s why every time I iron our clothes I’m not easily satisfied and I think of him and what he would say if he sees my work. Third, I have no friends here! Except for Bernie, also a Filipina and hubby’s officemate. Back home, I had lots of them. Officemates, confidants, companions, acquaintances, name it! I had a social life then. Fourth, I have no career here! And I think it would be really hard for me to get one. Language is really a big factor. But that’s another story. Since we’re only here for 3 months, obviously I’m not YET happy here but will I leave all of these to get everything I had back home? Nah… I love my family so much and seeing us happy together is more than PRICELESS!

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