Hello World!

Such an appropriate greeting from WordPress when I opened this site. Like a newborn telling to the world “Here I am!” I’m also newborn in this so-called “blog world”.

Hi everyone! I’m Che to my family and close friends, and Chy (pronounced as Chai)/Chichy/Chuchy to my former colleagues. My husband’s Zyzi and we have two kids, Zyrch (a boy) and Zhlryz (a girl). Can’t pronounce all three names? I understand, you’re not alone. Hehe.. I was a banker for 13 years until me and my kids followed my husband here in Aalen, Germany last December 21, 2010. Now a full time housewife, with nothing but a whole family. And just like a newborn baby, I hope you can travel with me as I explore this new world I live in.

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